Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

Download the Singletracker App and follow the guide when installing your Tilt.

Where do I get the Singletracker MTB App?

You can download the Singletracker App in the App Store or on Google Play.

How do I pair the Tilt Detection System to Singletracker?

To pair the Tilt sensor to Singletracker you need to head into the menu on Singletracker and press Tilt Setup.

Do I need to take my phone with me on the ride?

Yes, you need to ride with your phone on you when riding with Tilt and Singletracker.

What do I do to start the ride?

To start the ride you can press the green button on the Singletracker opening screen or select a trail and press go.

How do I wake up Tilt?

Shake the sensor or bounce the front wheel of your bike.

Does wheel size matter?

No, wheel size does not matter.

What mobile device do I need?

TILT and Singletracker works on iOS 10 or later and Android 5.0 or later.

How do I add a contact person?

In the Tilt Setup tab in the Singletracker menu you can add a contact person.

How long does Tilts battery last?

Aprox. 200 hours of riding.

What battery does Tilt use?

Tilt uses a coin battery – CR2032

What happens if I crash?

When you crash with Tilt a countdown mode starts if you do not get up again in XX seconds. If you do not get up in the 60 second alarm/countdown mode a message to your contact person will be sent and other Singletracker users with be alerted with your location.

Can I call off the alarm?

Yes, you can get up and ride along again or manually press stop alarm.

How long does the countdown alarm for?

60 seconds.

What happens if my phones battery is low?

If your phone has less than 10% power Singletracker will not track a ride. If your phone hits 10% power on your ride Singletracker will save the ride and close so your phone has power for emergency calls.