A crash detector that calls for help when you need it the most vollmacht formular kostenlos download!

We have made a crash detector, a safety beacon and a tracking unit. It sendes a message to your loved ones and nearby riders in chase of a crash. 


With no sunscription needed and as a hub mounted device, that fits all bikes, all you need to do is ride your bike! Tilt Detection System connects you to the world when you need it the most google earth kostenlos herunterladen deutsch für windows 10. It is easy to use and always there when you need help on the trail.

I love solo rides but have always been scared of crashing and lying unconscious and not being able to get help time crime podcast download. BUT! I have found a genius solution!

I have ridden with Tilt every time have been on a solo ride and I feel 200 times more safe now!


Doctor, Copenhagen, DEN.

Tilt is a light and sturdy hub mount sensor that detects crashes here we go offline karten herunterladen. It records rotation, lean and force. When activated in a crash a 60 second alarm started. This alarm can be projected, called off or you can start riding again to blow it off clash of clans für pc herunterladen.

Tilt connects with the free Singletracker MTB App and is easy to install. Connect it with three easy steps. Install, select, shake.

Any crash will automatically be detected, and start an intelligent rescue procedure animierte smileys download kostenlos.

Enjoy riding with a new safety net in training, races and on grand adventures.