A crash detector that calls for help when you need it the most!
We have made a crash detector, a safety beacon and a tracking unit. It sendes a message to your loved ones and nearby riders in case of a crash. 

With no subscription needed and as a hub mounted device, that fits all bikes, all you need to do is ride your bike!

Tilt Detection System connects you to the world when you need it the most. It is easy to use and always there when you need help on the trail. 

Tilt is a light and sturdy hub mount sensor that detects crashes. It records rotation, lean and force. When activated in a crash a 60 second alarm started. This alarm can be projected, called off or you can start riding again to blow it off.

Tilt connects with the free Singletracker MTB App and is easy to install. Connect it with three easy steps. Install, select, shake.

Any crash will automatically be detected, and start an intelligent rescue procedure.

Enjoy riding with a new safety net in training, races and on grand adventures.


I love solo rides but have always been scared of crashing and lying unconscious and not being able to get help. BUT! I have found a genius solution!

I have ridden with Tilt every time have been on a solo ride and I feel 200 times more safe now!


Doctor, Copenhagen, DEN




Singletracker™ & TILT™. It’s all about mountainbiking

Singletracker is a free mountainbike app for iPhone and Android. With Singletracker you have a complete MTB map of official MTB Trails, and a one-stop digital companion for your MTB needs. Be it your daily training ride, your weekend trip or the big adventure.

TILT works through Singletracker and TILT activates all Singletracker app users as potential first responders, if a crash occours.
If you have a TILT and crash, anyone with Singletracker in the vicinity will be alerted. Furthermore a personal contact person can be added. This is a fresh new take on MTB safety out where it really counts, and Singletracker is the heart of the concept.

Download Singletracker today, find trails, navigate trails, comments on trails, see what the builders say, check for trail conditions, find the trailhead, the parking spot and the local bike and coffee shop. Singletracker keeps you updated and informed. You just have to pedal and enjoy the new trails that open up before you.





How it works

TILT  syncs up with Singeltracker fast and easy. 

Singletracker is a one-stop MTB App that makes finding trails and tracking your ride easy. 

Singletracker syncs up with Strava. 

Rugged in use

TILT is made for use in rugged environments and will function even in remote area with sparse data and phone coverage.

With TILT you are free to explore alone with the safety of a group.

Ride in style!

The algorithms supporting the sensor are made by riders for riders, allowing you to jump and free-ride without false alarms.

TILT is invisible to you until it really matters.